Things to do at the Jersey Shore this Summer

Things to do at the Jersey Shore this Summer

Ever since Victorian times, people have admired and enjoyed the landscapes and beautiful scenery of the Jersey Shore area. Its natural attractiveness, cool sea breezes and convenient closeness to New York and Philadelphia make it an ever-popular choice for summer vacationers from all walks of life.

All the way from Sandy Hook to Wildwood, “the shore” (as it is often simply referred to) is much more than just a pretty beach holiday area. Anything from fine dining to world-class theme parks and attractions can be found within it, all waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by avid visitors.

Things to do at Jersey Shore this summer

Outdoor fun:

Starting with perhaps the most obvious, but often overlooked aspect of the shore area… Its huge and varied offerings in terms of good-old-fashioned “fun in the sun”. But, make no mistake; sunbathing and swimming on its white sandy beaches is just scratching the surface of all it has to offer. Boardwalks, competitions, races, bicycle trails, etc. are only a few of the many things you can do outdoors while at Jersey Shore.

Enjoying world-class dining:

Lovers of fine dining and great local foods will certainly not be disappointed by what the area has to offer; an ever-expanding range of high-quality restaurants catering to all tastes and needs, that will no doubt make even the most demanding visitor happy.

Amusement parks:

Known worldwide as a staple of the area, the permanent year-round theme parks and attractions that can be found along the shore are nothing short of a symbol of Jersey life. Boardwalk food, carnival rides and beachside attractions of all kinds imaginable will delight your imagination for sure!  Here is a closer look at the highlights of the boardwalk.

The nightlife:

Who hasn’t heard of Jersey Shore by now? The reality TV smash-hit series on MTV has certainly made the nightlife culture of this area somewhat infamous among many viewers, and not without some reason. However, there is more to the nightlife offerings the area holds within itself. While popular nightclubs such as Seaside Heights and Belmar are increasingly popular among New York residents (because of its close proximity to the Big Apple), more sophisticated adults can enjoy the legendary nightlife and casino culture of Atlantic City. For many others, looking for a more chilled experience and relaxed atmosphere, Long Beach Island offers the perfect laid-back vibes for enjoying a few cold drinks during the beautiful summer nights.

In short, there are many different and exciting things you can do this summer at Jersey Shore. Depending on your personal preference and style, you’ll be sure to find something lovely to do around this wonderful part of the country during the hot summer months!

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