Do’s and Don’ts of Tinder

Do's and Don'ts of Tinder

Tinder is the place for you if you love having fun meeting new people, chatting with strangers, hooking up and just living the moment. As addictive and fun as it is, you need to have some ground rules of your own to ensure you have the ultimate fun! Here is a list of the things you should do or not do on Tinder.

Link your Instagram to your tinder profile. Yes, you want to show your good, happy moments just to make them know how much fun you are.

Don’t ask a person what they are looking for. To hook up with the guy or girl that will be looking for what you have, just give the details of the kind of thing you are looking for in your bio. It would be easy for them to lie if you proceeded to ask about specific traits. This would most likely be a downside when the two of you decide to go on a date.

Do look good! Exactly that. For guys, a suit would be a perfect fit. Ladies love sharp looking men and what is best in that other than a well fitting suit. It gives you that executive, responsible look that will give you good swipes to the right. Ladies, do not forget to showcase your make-up tips here.

Do not post pictures of the opposite sex. Is he your boyfriend? Your best friend? Your brother? Your cousin? I do not care! It should be just you. I want to have maximum fun and that picture there
is insulting my intentions.

Keep the conversation light. You do not want to appear desperate or lovesick. Just keep it a simple real conversation, flirting a bit and displaying all your attractive qualities. It portrays seriousness and will pay with good enjoyable dates and fun time.

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